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Sanctuary Summer Septic Spectacular

Our original septic system from 1968 has done its final doody. After many fine years of service, well past its designed life, we are now in urgent need of a complete replacement. While not surprising, the timing of its demise this Spring was unexpected. We are currently pumping out the system monthly to be able to maintain normal operations.

We need your help. Sanctuary is a young congregation, going on our eighth year this fall, and as such operates with a lean, balanced budget each year. The engineering of a new system is still on-going, but the total project cost is already estimated to be over $100,000. Without savings or an endowment to lean on, we are asking everyone with a connection to this community to invest in our future.

Consider Making an Additional Gift Toward the Septic Replacement

Prayerfully Consider Increasing Your Regular Giving to Sanctuary

Become a Sustaining Partner

Sanctuary exists because of your financial contributions. Together we have shared generously to create this community, and we continue to partner together to sustain the mission and ministry of this place. Becoming a Sustaining Partner means committing to a weekly or monthly gift to Sanctuary. The easiest way to share that gift is by using My Sanctuary to schedule a recurring contribution.

Cultivating the Spiritual Practice of Generosity

With every act of giving we make a powerful statement that God has provided us enough to share

As a church, our giving is not simply to support the work that we do as a community. It is also the way we help one another cultivate our own generosity: our attitudes and practices of sharing with others that deeply influence all aspects of our life.

One tool Christians have used to examine and develop their own generosity is percentage giving. Percentage giving is the practice of totaling everything you have donated to charities, causes, church, etc. in the past year, and dividing that amount by your annual income. The remaining number reflects the percentage of the resources you manage that you share with others. Since ancient times, ten percent has been a standard of sharing with the wider community. For most of us, cultivating the spiritual practice of generosity does not mean instantly growing to a particular percentage of giving. Instead, it often means being aware of how much we truly share, and regularly reflecting on what in our life we would need to do or change to increase that percentage.

Scheduling a Reccuring Gift Through My Sanctuary

My Sanctuary is our online portal for volunteer reminders, communicating with individuals and groups, accessing your personal giving history and making a gift.

If you have questions or need assistance setting up My Sanctuary, please contact the office.


Create a "My Sanctuary" Account

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If your e-mail address is already in the system, you will recieve an activation link. If it is new, our staff will send you an activation link as soon as they are able.


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Under “Designation” choose “Sanctuary”, then fill out the rest of the form.

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