We are Sanctuary

Sanctuary is a community of people striving to love God and love others in all that we do. Here are a few of the folks that help make that happen.

Mark Huber

Creative Director

Sarah Huber

Office Manager

Katie McAlpine

Director of Youth and Family Ministry

Jacey Glass

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Sanctuary Leadership Team

About The Team

The Sanctuary Leadership Team drives our vision to create sacred space, connect to God, and respond together, while making sure our staff and volunteers have what they need to do what they do best. They're a cross-section of many of the backgrounds and experiences present at Sanctuary, and happen to be some pretty brilliant people.

Bryan Pretzer

Leadership Team Wrangler

Nancy Harrington


Melissa Kowal

Heather Dans

Gregory Decesare

Jane Vanderlin

Chris Swigart

Sadie Noyes

Andy Solari

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