Easter at Sanctuary

April 17th

Easter Services

We're looking forward to celebrating together on Easter morning!

9am (and streaming live)



Join us for in-person worship at 9am, 10:30am and 12:30pm or join in to the live stream of the 9am service.

April 9th, 12-3pm
April 12th, 6-8pm

Art Project Prep

Join friends at Sanctuary and help with this year's Easter Community Art Project! Bold, bright and creative, we're adding some color and your unique touch to the worship space.

We're making 1,000 cardboard flowers!

We are looking for every person who is part of this community to create cardboard flowers and bring them to Sanctuary by April 12th.


1) Cut a flower shape out of cardboard that’s no larger six inches and no smaller than two.

2) Decorate one side using whatever medium you would like (paint, buttons, fabric, beads, stickers, etc.)

3) Drop off your beautiful creation to Sanctuary by Friday the 15th and stay tuned for this year’s amazing community art project to be unveiled on Easter.

April 13th

Midweek Reflection, 7pm

Join us Wednesday evening at 7pm in the sanctuary for a brief time of music, prayer and reflection.
April 14th, 7pm

Maundy Thursday

We're gathering at Zion Lutheran Church in Plymouth (384 Court St) at 7pm to commemorate the last supper Jesus shared with his disciples.
April 15th, 7pm

Good Friday

Join us in Marshfield at 7pm to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus with a service of prayer and music.
April 16th, 11am

Easter Egg Hunt

Join for an outdoor egg hunt at Sanctuary! We'll start on the front lawn and hunt all around Sanctuary, including the amphitheater and trails to the bog. There are plenty of eggs, lots of nature, and tons of fun!

We're gathering at 11am on the front lawn for a brief warm up and hello, and we will stagger the starts by age group shortly after that. And like always, there is plenty for everyone.

April 16th, 4:04pm

Easter Vigil

Story telling. Fire. Singing. Dancing. If you’ve never experienced an Easter Vigil you should. This is a family friendly vigil to welcome in Easter Saturday evening. Everyone is welcome!

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