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Christmas Eve Services

1pm, 3pm, and 6pm in Marshfield

Christmas Caroling!

December 10th, 6pm

Join Youth Group for a fun evening of Caroling around Marshfield. Meet at Sanctuary at 6pm.


Spotlight Night

December 13, 7-9:30pm

(Sweater) Spotlight Night is a chance to share or enjoy music, poetry, or art with a bunch of amazing and supportive people! All ages and talents are welcome.


Meal Packaging & Epic Christmas Party

December 14, 3-6pm


Beer and Carols!

December 16th, 6:30pm


Impromptu Nativity Play

December 15th, 8:30 and 10:30am

Everyone will find a roll at our annual Impromptu Nativity Play. You just won't know what it is until you get there! Feel free to bring props, costumes, and your sense of adventure as we retell the Christmas story together.


Blue Christmas

December 15th, 4:04pm

A slightly different service for those who find it hard to experience joy at Christmas time.


Lessons & Carols

December 22nd, 3pm

Join the combined Zion/Sanctuary choir, bell choir, and band for an afternoon of lessons and carols.


Christmas Eve Worship

December 24th

Carols. Candles. A Christmas service for the whole family at all three of our service times.

1, 3 and 6pm


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