Summer Jobs!

Summer Job Openings
Camp positions are limited, so we encourage you to apply soon. Please complete an application using the "Apply Now" button above and we'll be in touch!


(entering 9th grade)

CITs participate in the same activities as Counselors, with an added component of leadership training.


(Entering 10th grade or older)

You’ll welcome the campers in the morning, help them navigate the day's activities and stay with them until camp closing. You'll be leading a group of 10-12 campers for most of the day, leading activities, participating with the kids, and helping to make the day successful!

Program Leader (18 or older)

(18 or older)

You'll plan and lead the activities at one of the morning rotations: Art, Nature and Team-building. During the afternoon, the program leaders plan Option Time activities and other camp-wide events.

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